Chandler Creek Horse Farm is located in West Central Illinois along the great Mississippi River. We specialize in breeding quality Morgan horses. The main focus of our breeding program is to produce horses with the confirmation, temperament, and athletic ability to become that great family horse or your next show horse. Whether you want a calm family horse or dynamic show horse we have something for you.  

Our breeding program basically consists of crossing the bloodlines of  Brunk, U.S. Government, and Funquest bred horses. Our mares have several crosses to such greats as Mr Breezy Cobra, Fleetwing, UVM Flash, Black River Major, Black River Trojan, Trophy, Montbelle Trophy, Troutbrook Playboy, Gallant King, and Orcland Dondarling, among many others.  Time and again breeders have found that crossing Brunk/Government produces Morgans that are hard working with friendly dispositions, a lot of stamina, and great toplines, as well as that overall look that says Morgan.

Although we are not currently interested in selling any of the horses not on our sale page, offers may be considered.  After all, we are in the business of selling horses.

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Some of the Morgan horses we have raised are pictured below.

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